Bright Horizons

a 2-day retreat 

Bright Horizons is a bespoke in-company edition of the ‘Mapping Out your Road as a Science Professional’ programme. If you would like to explore in company options for your organisation, please contact us to learn more. 

You are all Bright young people. You have worked hard and proven your capabilities and got rewarded a PhD, a distinguished title to keep. You all have jobs that challenge you at the right level with a good salary. All in all, you are in a very privileged position!

Now think one step further. Have you reached what you want? Are you there where you want be till retirement? Probably not. You are rather likely to be ambitious and still developing your career. And here at Bright Society we want to encourage our members – you – to shape your career, not only to find satisfaction, but also to reach job fulfilment.

However, your life may be changing in other areas as well. At your life stage, you may be buying your first house, starting a family… big life events that demand much of your attention and may obscure your search for the professional challenge that is fulfilling to you.

Wouldn’t it be great

  • if you could incessantly follow your passion, your internal drive?
  • if you will continue to be working on something you deeply value and gives you energy?
  • if your next career step would allow you a good balance with your life style/private life?

The obvious answer is yes of course. But it may be easier said than done. If we were to ask you:

  • What actually drives you in your work?
  • What do you really like to do?
  • What is important to you?
  • What are the things you are looking for?

You may have a vague idea, but it may not be that simple to put it into words. And there is a real possibility that you are chasing someone else’s dreams… Finding your dream is one thing. Making it practical to make it work for you may even a bigger challenge! We believe that these are natural, essential questions for ambitious, driven people like you that enable you to shape your career. We also know that it is not easy to find the answers.

For this reason, Bright Society engaged Chiat Cheong and Ralph Rousseau to support you in shaping a fulfilling career and to make the programme they developed available to you:

‘Bright Horizons’

2 days of dedicated time to reflect on what really matters to you. We provide structure and background science to chart your capabilities and motivation drive. What should your work give you to make it fulfilling? Interactive working sessions, intervision and some unexpected approaches will provide you answers and… insights in how to put the outcome into practice: What are the first concrete steps to take in order to identify positions that matches your profile?

This all will take place at an inspiring place surrounded by beautiful nature (outdoor inspiration session!) and good food: Making this programme not only insightful but also a true experience!

Bright Event: Bright Horizons
A 2-day retreat to provide you insights and structure in shaping a fulfilling future career [in English]
For whom: [This is an in-company training]
PhD Professionals at Bright Society who would like to learn how to map their road as a science professional based on their capabilities and motivational drive.
Facilitated by: Ralph Rousseau, PhD MSc
Chiat Cheong, PhD
Date: 13 – 14 June 2020
Venue: Akoesticum, Ede
Participants: 15 participants
Fee: Payable with Bright coins
Registration: Please contact Ms Lonneke Ploum

Bright Horizons is a co-production of Qia Consultancy & Training and Ralph Rousseau.

Photo: @DUTZU Photography 2017