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The need for career development to provide early career researchers more future perspective is a much discussed topic. Watch my webinar and also find here more information and useful tips for your development.

  • Research Culture: Highlighting the positive aspects of being a PhD student’26/07/2022 eLife 
    The positive elements of doing a PhD highlighted in order to present a more balanced view of the whole PhD experience. Authors also make recommendations to maintain a positive momentum throughout the PhD.
  • CareerCheck: Best practice example of a Career Support Platform for Early Career Researchers, synergizing online and offline resources.28/03/2022 Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln [also available in German]
    Proudly presenting CareerCheck, the Career Support platform for (post)doctoral researchers developed at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ – Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum – Heidelberg). I have been Career Advisor at DKFZ and Development Manager of this platform since 2021.
  • Postdocs under pressure: ‘Can I even do this any more?’23/11/2020 Nature 
    Long hours and a lack of job security, combined with workplace bullying and discrimination, are forcing many to consider leaving science, finds Nature’s inaugural survey of postdoctoral researchers.
  • Postdoc survey reveals disenchantment with working life18/11/2020 Nature 
    Uneasy and insecure, postdoctoral researchers worldwide are experiencing great distress around their career prospects, workload and workplace culture, among other issues, finds Nature’s first-ever survey of postdocs.
  • At what moment should I start preparing for my next career step after the PhD or postdoc?13/10/2019 LinkedIn 
    About the first step of PhD career development that is too often overlooked: Career Orientation.
  • Wie begeleidt de promovendus in zijn loopbaan?14/11/2017 ScienceGuide [in Dutch]
    The PhD trajectory should provide a basis for careers beyond academic research as well. For what reasons does this not work out well in the Dutch PhD system. Who is actually responsible to support this process? My contribution to the PhD discussion at Science Guide
  • Many junior scientists need to take a hard look at their job prospects 25/10/2017 Nature (Editorial)
    … non-academic jobs are low on the agenda when future options are discussed. […] Just like the footballers, some will succeed, and they will find a career in academic science to be as thrilling, rewarding and satisfying as they hope. But someone needs to tell the rest what happens next.
  • Which grass is greener? Personal stories from PhDs about their career within and outside academia.  – 05/2017 Van der Weijden et al CWTS
    Inspiring career stories of 10 PhDs and 10 employers of PhD in and outside academia. Challenges and transferable PhD skills proven useful in a non-academic setting.

  • Young researchers thrive in life after academia27/09/2016 Nature (Editorial)
    Alternative career paths should be celebrated, not seen as a compromise […] Science should wish them well. As Nature has pointed out before, a regular flow of bright, highly trained and scientifically literate workers heading into the wider world can only benefit society and science.
  • Unleash your PhD Power21/04/2016 BCF Career Guide ’16/’17
    My contribution to the annual career guide for the Bio, Chemistry, Food and Pharma sector!
  • De onzichtbare postdoc – 18/02/2016 VU magazine [in Dutch]
  • Veel postdocs zitten eeuwig in hun tussenstation10/2/2016 VU Advalvas [in Dutch]
  • Career planning: The next 5 years22/09/2015 Nature Jobs
    Many postdocs feel the pressure to deliver scientific results and are left with little time or mental energy to consider the future. So, when asked ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’, they feel unprepared and uninspired. Here a 3-step process is proposed to lay the foundations for the next five years.
  • PhD students left feeling ‘dehumanised’ and ‘isolated’ – 09/09/2015 Times Higher Education
    US academics urges sector to adapt career expectations and training to actual opportunities and ‘non-academic realities’
    • The postdoc experience: hopes and fears – 02/07/20115 Times Higher Education 
      Six early career researchers reflect on their experiences
    • The future of the postdoc – 07/04/2015 Nature
      There is a growing number of postdocs and few places in academia for them to go. But change could be on the way.
    • Wanted: information – 04/03/2015 Nature Jobs
      Detailed career data will help people to plan for life after a PhD
    • A Glut Of Ph.D.s Means Long Odds Of Getting Jobs – 27/07/2015 NPR
      “All we’re expected to do is research. We’re not even trained properly to become academics. We’re not taught how to manage a lab, or to mentor people. We have a whole lot of people who are trained for nothing, really, and they get so far, then they realize they have to look for jobs outside academia.”
    • Preparing for the non-academic interview – 29/05/2009 InsideHE
      Making the transition from an academic to a non-academic career involves confronting stereotypes about academics. Tough questions and tips to get ready.


    • Inbabyattachmode –  Blog by former postdoc, now an industry scientist.
      Discusses a variety of career challenges faced by researchers, with tips and ideas.