Individual career support

Do you ever feel that…

  • your research work is so demanding that it leaves is no time for career development?
  • you would like to strengthen your profile but do not know what to do?
  • your profile does not fit any of the job advertisements?
  • having a PhD adds little to your value as a professional outside academia?
  • you are stuck in your career?

These are common thoughts shared by many PhD candidates and postdocs, especially when approaching the end of the contract/PhD. If you find it difficult to express the professional value of your PhD to non-academic employers, it may be challenging to identify career options that matches your interests and capabilities. And if you are not sure whether you would want to continue your career in academia, you may want to know your options in order to enable yourself to make a positive choice!

Make your career decision consciously and positively!

A PhD is valuable both within and outside academia. But if you spent your career thus far only in academia, it may be challenging to see what professional value a PhD profile represents. And if most people you know are academic researchers, your network may not have the knowledge or contacts you need to identify options outside academia that suit you.

I used to work in a laboratory where many researchers complained about the lack of future perspectives, about the impossible demands of non-academic jobs, about the killing competition within the science system.
Meanwhile these unhappy researchers refused to spend time on courses, career orientation or development, because they were too busy working on the chances within academia. And the complaining continued… When they reached the end of their contract, they indeed seemed to have a lack of perspectives. I guess you don’t want to be like them.

Let your next career step be a conscious choice. Be aware of your value and what you like before you take any decision. Do not let limitations lead your career. Focus on your possibilities and work in a structured way to identify jobs that suit you. This will also enable you to recognise opportunities within your PhD/postdoc, to gain specific skills: evidence to propel you towards your next career step.

Individual career support

Be proactive in career orientation and career development. Many a researcher however find it a challenge to dedicate time to this process. Particularly if you encounter obstacles or when it remains unclear what to do or where to start. In these situations, it is certainly useful to consider career support. Not only it will allow you to tackle career development in a timely and targeted manner, it will allow you to see options that you would not have taken into consideration.

What can you expect?

  • You will be provided structure in the process of career orientation and development
  • You will be given tools to gather relevant information to take career decisions
  • You will define your professional profile and learn how to express this to employers
  • Your views on your professional value and jobs will be challenged, which will allow you to discover new options
  • I may even connect you to a PhD who already made the transition successfully, so that you can learn from first hand what a certain type of job involves.

How does it work? Read here…

Thank you for all your help and support. It was very usefully spent time. It helped a lot to realize and learn the options and focus better in my job search, especially making transition from bench work. In addition, you encouraged me and put me in touch with people who also gave important feedback. I had chance to learn a lot over last few months.
-B.S., PhD
transitioned from postdoc to research coordinator
I had a pleasant and helpful conversation with Chiat. She has experienced research first-hand and this is crucial when it comes to coaching PhD candidates. Her understanding of the academic mentality leads her straight to the core issues, while her sensibility helps the interlocutor find his/her own answers.
 -Giovanni Cinà, PhD
transitioned into data science