In practice

Regular individual career support is provided as trajectories of 4 sessions at ± 4-week intervals. Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. We meet in the Amsterdam area but sessions may also be carried at your institute or via video calls. We may even consider discussing while making an outdoor walk.

Update spring 2020:
Due to the coronavirus measures, all coaching sessions are currently carried out via video calls.

Coaching via video calls has always been the standard format for coachees outside the Netherlands and is now applicable to all, until the measures are lifted and we can meet again in person. 

Consultation session

Before we start, we ensure that we can work well together and have clear expectations. For this reason, individual career support always starts with a free-of-charge consultation session in order to get to know each other, to define realistic goals and to make a schedule. To request for the exploratory consultation session, please fill out this web form and I will contact you to set an appointment.