Funding your participation

If you wish to take part in this career orientation and development event, contact your supervisor/line manager and/or HR advisor to find out what options you have to get the registration financed by your employer.

  • Researchers employed by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) should contact the Academy’s Career Office to receive instructions on the registration procedure. Please contact Ms Nahymja Nijhuis to learn more.

You may want to refer to the Collective Labour Agreement that applies to you:

  • Employment mobility is essential both within and outside the university. The social policy of the university is therefore aimed at promoting development opportunities and your career prospects. Check your opportunities: article 6.5 ‘Career’ and article 6.9 ‘Training and development’ in the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities (CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten 2016-2017 extended to 30 June 2018).
  • Researchers employed at University Medical Centres can make use of their personal budget for sustainable employability. Check article 3.2 ‘Personal Budget’ in the collective agreement for university medical centres (Cao UMC).

In addition to the programme, you may want to refer to the following information to underline the relevance of this activity:

This retreat has been developed to provide vital career development skills to academic researchers on temporary contracts. Skills that allow them to map their road as science professionals. Participants first evaluate their skills and their consequent professional value outside academia. An important part of the retreat is then aimed at analysing motivational drives and their use as (possibly the most important) determinant for career decisions. At the end of the programme, participants have mapped the essential elements of their professional future, have acquired career development skills, and have planned their first concrete steps towards their next job.

Chiat Cheong PhD has been supporting early career researchers in career development since 2009. ‘What are my options if not within academia?’ is a recurring question she gets at individual career consultations and trainings. The majority will (have to) make a transition out of academia. Many a scientist however find it difficult to identify positions that suit their professional identity. To provide guidance in career orientation and development to this specific target group, she teamed up with Ralph Rousseau PhD to develop this 2-day programme.

Ralph Rousseau (Meulenbroeks) PhD successfully combines his work as an assistant professor at Utrecht University with a career in music. His research focuses on motivational theory, especially Self-Determination Theory, applied in the field of science education and communication. He has been a frequent speaker and workshop host in the field of career development and motivation since 2011.

  • If you are not or no longer liaised to a research organisation and finance your participation with personal money, the registration fee may be deducted as expenses for education. Check with your Tax Office (Belastingdienst) for details.

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