Workshop In Charge!

In Charge! is a workshop providing guidance in career development to PhD and postdocs in transition. This one-day training is a discovery challenge to support and empower you in decision making at this career stage.

Please note:
No new editions scheduled. You may want to check this programme instead:

‘Mapping out your road as a Science Professional’ Read more…

When you are about to finish your PhD or approach the end of your research contract, important career decisions are to be taken. Decisions that will set direction to your professional life and also influence your personal future significantly. How do you deal with this stage? How do you position yourself? Do you feel able to make choices based on what you want and your professional value? Or do you rather feel that your possibilities are limited?

This full-day workshop challenges you to be in charge of your career development at this critical stage. What are your personal success criteria, drives and qualities? What are the obstacles in your development? How do you see your ideal future? How can you deal with your environment whilst adhering to your personal/professional goals?

This workshop provides you guidance and new perspectives through understanding and first experiences in personal leadership attitude and career development skills.

After following this workshop, you will have

  • Examined your career stage and identified professional goals/wishes important to you
  • Identified hurdles in your development
  • Explored how you can use personal leadership attitude to deal with hurdles
  • Strengthened your career development skills
  • Gained insights on structuring the transition process towards your next job
Activity: Workshop on being in charge of
your career development [in English]
For whom: PhD students and postdocs
Final date & time: 3rd edition: 31/10/2016, 09:30h – 17:00h.
This workshop has been discontinued as we are continuously evolving our programmes. You may want to check this 2-day training targeting PhD/postdocs dealing with career dilemmas.
Where: Amersfoort area
Fee: 300 euro (incl. BTW and lunch)


‘It is good to think about the next step
before the actual time of making decisions.’

‘The In Charge! workshop made me think about the work values
I ideally seek in my future job.’

The programme includes an outdoor inspiration exercise. Please bring shoes suitable for a light walk.

In Charge! is a co-production of PhD Power/Qia Consultancy & Training and Lennart Rem – Developing professionals.