• Are you a PhD student or postdoc, wondering what will be the next step in your career?

  • Do you find it difficult to overview what your options are?

  • Would you like to evaluate and increase your career chances?

Read on and find out how you can structure your career development to…

Make the most of

your PhD Power

I love to make people aware of their capabilities. My favourite target group are PhD graduates, who are very talented, creative and often playful. PhDs are trained to use observations, logic and reason to forward their work. There is no doubt they excel in these abilities. PhDs possess valuable skill sets – which level is certainly above average – and their PhD power could be addressed to make a difference in whatever they find important.

Strangely enough it is not the feeling of being in charge that dominates, when it comes to making decisions in career (or in life). I notice that many a PhD struggles, gets stuck in reasoning… At times, particularly when transition out of academia is due, they even feel completely lost.

I have seen many PhDs who do what they think they ought to do, because they are expected to, because they are good at something. This however does not necessarily mean that they enjoy their career. Work is an important part of my life and I absolutely do not want to spend this great amount of time on something I don’t like. If I reach this point, than change is the solution. Change is good, it creates room for opportunities, for new skills and knowledge, personal growth. Change can be scary, letting go certainties, choosing for the unknown. Change will happen anyway, so you’d better deal with it to the best for yourself!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your PhD power in a job that suits your interests and skills? A job in which you will be challenged on an appropriate intellectual level, a job in which you will be appreciated for that what you contribute? That job does exist. OK, maybe not a 100% match, but sufficiently to make it fulfilling and worthwhile. That job and you are however not going to find each other just like that: There is some work to be done. There are things to learn, some ideas to be challenged, some things that need to be sorted out. It is not too complicated, but it requires dedicated time to do this thoroughly.

This is where my background and experience come in. I provide structure and support in discovering how to you can make the most of your PhD power; career-wise and possibly even in a wider context!